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mostly notes to self but if you share my tastes in media feel free to take this a recommendations

Currently Watching Schedule

- Monday -
uh ... nothing
- Tuesday -
nothing, again
- Wednesday -
Mythbusters - Always, man. Always.
Pen and Teller Tell a Lie - Just awesome, seriously.
- Thursday -
Un-Go - This is great. Crazy, but great. It's been a long time since I found a new supernatural detective show that was any good.
- Friday -
Young Justice - Not really thrilled with the fact that they want to bury us in teen romance, what has happened to my action show? Though they keep adding in little bits of awesomeness that keep me hanging around.
Persona 4 - Delicious animation. I'm behind right now but it's so pretty to watch.
Kung Fu Panda: LoA - What can I say, I like these characters. It's dorky but charming with fun action.
- Saturday -
My Little Pony: FiM - Would you believe this is good? I didn't at first but it is. It's hilarious.
- Sunday -
Hunter x Hunter - This is the new version. I love the clean animation and faster pacing. Plus, it's the same old awesome story, so how could this ever be wrong?
- any old day, I record this and watch when I'm bored or inking -
Dark Matters - Twisted in the best way, and all true, yay.

~ always subject to 'I forgot it was on' and 'I was doing something, so who cares about tv/downloads' misses

- Recently Caught Up On Comics -

Young Avengers - Absolutely fabulous. I am waiting for the latest issue of Children's Crusade right now and all hyped up about the big cliffhanger from the previous one.

Batman - Specifically, Streets of Gotham. It was good, full of complex twists and very grim, as I like my Batman stories to be. But I don't like Manhunter so those parts couldn't really grab my attention as much as the rest of it.

- Need to See -

Neverland miniseries (December 4th and 5th) - As if I would miss this! If it sucks, I'll be sad, but I have high hopes for it because I normally enjoy these sorts of re-imaginings. Even if they don't pan out the way I want them to, there's always at least some parts that I really enjoy or even get inspired by.

In non-media news, stuff is getting sent off to Dark Horse this week. Took forever to get it just right but I'm really proud of it. Only time will tell if that pride is misplaced.

Other than work, I've been able to do a little something cool. That being, be on a new podcast called Geekademia. It was fun. Interesting topics, which is a big plus, and would certainly like to debate and discuss various geeky things with these guys again. Would be a lot more active with that entire thing if I actually blogged/hung around forums like that, but given how often I update THIS thing I think it's obvious that I don't.

Next con is ...
Momocon, march 12th. I want to go, even though it's never that big of a deal. Hopefully I'll have my Un-Go cosplay done by that time too. And I miiiiight see if the guys from Geekademia want to go there.

OH, and I finished all 50k of NaNo in 10 days and am going to keep writing on the story sporadically through the month because there's more to tell. When it comes to marathon writing sprees, I'm awesome.

entertainment notes to self

Things to pick up or download that are not out yet -

- anime -
No. 6 - July
Code Geass Gaiden: Bokoku no Akito - some time this year
Hoshi o Oo Kodomo - unknown
Persona 4 - some time this year

- comics -
The Real Ghostbusters - September
The Stuff of Legend - it's out I just have not found it yet
Mouse Guard: The Black Axe - I don't know, only two of four volumes are out and I'm waiting for the compilation

older things to buy used if I can find them

- games -
Baten Kaitos - there's a few but I don't know which, heard about it from a friend

- movies -
Road to El Dorado
Meet the Robinsons (maybe)
The Producers (maybe)
The Wiz
Kung Fu Panda
We're Back
The Rescuers (1 and 2)

- shows -
Sherlock (BBC)
Mighty Max

- Asian Cinema -

Power Kids
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blah personal musings blah

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I don't expect anyone to read any of that. It's there for my own use later. And because, well, tonight was lonely and kinda suck so I needed to just be introspective. Tada. Now I'm gonna go back to hunting down Young Justice fanart, because that is awesome.

Hmm, real stuff. I hardly ever updated this journal for real because there's just not much going on. Publishers need to get back to us Hourglass Comics folk already. As do new artists because this sucks. Working through motorphobia slowly. Okay it's not quite that but there's no fancy word for what it really is. It snowed again, just a little, which was nice. Taught myself a new art style because MouseGuard is my new comic obsession and I had to learn how to draw proper fanart for it.

Making plans for MTAC, praying to god nothing goes wrong this time. Note to self; get fabric for new cosplay. Probably can't go to Momo because ... no one to go with. That's just how things are.

So, related topic, no birthday party for me. Which is nothing new so blah whatevs, will just go see my mom and watch a movie with her. And make cupcakes. I make awesome cupcakes man, you don't even know.

Oh, and it's almost Valentines Day. This year, say it with zombies.
mysterious, dark

Jan NaNo?

Okay so it's something for a scavenger hunt. This is a placeholder right now, the story will be edited in via comments.

updates -

Jan 15, 4:00 pm - prologue posted, 3,532 words
Jan 16, 5:30 pm - 10k
Jan 17, 7:50 am - 19.6k
Jan 17, 9:40 pm - 25k
Jan 18, 5:30 pm - 30k
Jan 19, 4:00 am - 36k
Jan 19, 6:30 pm - 40k
Jan 19, 9:00 pm - 45k
Jan 19, 11:12 pm - 50,138 words

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mysterious, dark

NaNo storage

I'm going to keep my NaNoWriMo attempt here. Doing Kei and Ven's story in Ay, so that I can get a prize on Aywas if I complete a decent amount. Will be writing elsewhere and updating here just to keep it somewhere.

By the way, this is rated M. Yep, so, don't read it if that's not cool with you.

Oct 30 - decided on my story
Nov 2 - put up this post (dated out of order back to the 30th to save friends lists) and started writing in word / 3.5k written today
Nov 3 - posted everything here / 4.75k written total so far
Nov 4 - 10k written and posted
Nov 5 - 11k, may not be able to write today due to power cord failure for the laptop / got it to work, more or less, 15k and putting the rest of this as comments because it's too long to have everything in the main entry anymore
Nov 6 - 16,295 words exactly, I'm going to bed b/c it's 7AM
Nov 7 -17,000 almost exactly, and it's 7AM again so short update today
Nov 9 - 20,500 now posted, this update written over the last two days, been busy
Nov 10 - 23,000 written, saving the last few hundred for the next comment box because of stupid word limit, would have been more but I got sick last night
Nov 11 - 25,000 posted, it's actually almost 3AM so this was mostly written on the 10th but hey, HALF WAY DONE!
Nov 12 - 30k written, almost all of it posted, WOHOO! The last few hundred words will go up in the next update
Nov 13 - 32k posted, may do more later today but am headed out for the evening
Nov 14 - 33k practically on the dot, it's 6AM, am going to bed and will write more later
Nov 15 - 35.8k posted, wanted it to be a nice round number but was at the end of a scene
Nov 16 - 38.2k posted, not as much as I'd wanted but not bad
Nov 17 - 41k posted, yay~~ closing in on it
Nov 18 - 43.9k posted, again I wish it was a round number but the scene ended, going on for the big battle tomorrow
Nov 19 - 47k, will finish up after I get some sleep
Nov 19 at 10:20 - 50k!!! And almost done. Will post the ending soon
Nov 19 at 11:26 - 50,882 words and I'm calling it done, YAY~!!!!

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